Welcome to one of Suzhou’s best kept secrets


They say that perception matters more than reality. In that case, EtonHouse International School Suzhou has long been misperceived, and it is time to banish some myths and let you all know the exciting reality!

Time for some myth-busting

1.“Suzhou has only two international schools”

WRONG. EtonHouse in SND’s Science & Technology Town (SSTT) is a fully-fledged international school, is open only to children with foreign passports, and offers all three IB programmes. It is thus every bit as much of an option for your children’s educational needs as any other international school. Established in 2003, and at its current campus since 2008, it offers all the benefits that the larger international schools do (quality curriculum, qualified foreign teachers, great facilities) but in a smaller, more intimate context, giving the school a much more personal, family style environment where your children will truly thrive. As we are fond of saying, we are a small school with a big heart, something which we believe makes our school a transformative choice.

2.“EtonHouse is only a kindergarten”

WRONG. While the wider EtonHouse group has an outstanding reputation for its pre-schools (with several in Suzhou, as well as our own Reggio-inspired Early Years department here), our SSTT campus covers ALL the age groups from 3-18 years. We are one of only 37 schools in the whole of China that offer all three IB programmes (the PYP, MYP & DP), offering a remarkably consistent continuum of educational thinking that links every age group. We are also Cambridge-accredited, with the rigour of that underpinning much of what we do, and allowing our Year 11 students to undertake some IGCSEs. Beyond that, our DP graduates have access to the world’s best universities. As you can see, we are SO much more than “only a kindergarten”!

3.“EtonHouse is too far away!”

WRONG. The mistake here is to look at distance on the map, as opposed to actual travel times. In terms of commuting times, if you live west of Jinji Lake then it takes a similar length of time to get to EtonHouse as it does to get to the other International schools. Why? Because the EtonHouse school bus service has a relatively small number of stops, reducing travel time, and it uses elevated highways for much of the journey, thus avoiding the worst of the city traffic, and allowing the distance to be covered in a time very similar to that for children at other schools.

4.“EtonHouse teachers are not qualified”

WRONG. All 35 of our remarkably diverse, multi-cultural teaching team (from 15 different nations) have as a minimum full subject degrees and teaching qualifications. In addition, we have numerous teachers who have obtained Masters and Doctorate level qualifications. It is a truly outstanding team, absolutely committed to delivering the very best education.

5.“EtonHouse is a standalone school”

WRONG. EtonHouse is family-run school group headquartered in Singapore with more than 100 international schools and pre-schools spread across Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Middle East and Kazakhstan. Together these schools provide high quality international education to over 10,000 children throughout Asia. The schools within the group support each other and work together to constantly improve educational standards. For example, the four EtonHouse International schools in China (Suzhou, Nanjing, Foshan and Dalian) collaborate via a shared Executive Principal, and the original group founder maintains close links with us here in Suzhou. Indeed, in many ways we are the flagship school for the group in China. EtonHouse has seven IB World Schools (including Suzhou) and two IB candidate schools in its fold.


This page was last edited on April 13, 2021