Welcome back parents!


Having almost all our students back on campus for the start of the new academic year has been a truly uplifting experience for us as a school. While health protocols remain in place, it is particularly heartwarming to welcome our students each morning as they are dropped off at the front gate, or get off school buses, many of whom then bounce their way into the building. Teachers and students are once again engaged in the important business of growing our young learners each school week. This new normal feels just that – normal.

But we missed having a significant section of our caring community back on campus – our parents. No doubt there were concerns about access, of protocols and permissions. We sought and finally received permission from the relevant authorities to invite our parents back on campus, but in small, controlled numbers.

Having finally received the green light, we wasted no time in sending out invitations to parents by year groups for a modified version of our initially planned Parent Information Meetings (PIM). We felt that it was important to begin with the younger year groups, and so, between September 8 and 23, 2020, we were delighted to host our Early Years and PYP parents in our Assembly Hall, where home room teachers presented the big picture of our teaching and learning focus.

Our students, their children, are at the heart of all that we do day after day, week after week. With Golden Week holidays looming, we also invited our MYP Year parents for a similar meeting. After each presentation we opened the floor for a Question-and-Answer session where parents sought clarifications, and teachers and Programme Coordinators responded. It is telling that every session ran over the allotted time, there was so much to talk about after many months of restricted entry into campus. Most importantly, parents were keen to meet their children’s teachers face to face and get to know them – a luxury in most parts of the world today.

After Golden Week holidays, we look forward to inviting parents in for additional information sessions.

At EtonHouse, educating children is a three-way handshake, and we are delighted that you are once again a presence on campus in these pandemic-induced times. We celebrate our community as we communicate openly about the growth and wellbeing of the most important people in school – your children.

This page was last edited on October 9, 2020