New semester, unlimited possibilities!


After the summer break, EtonHouse students ushered in the beginning of the new semester. Early in the morning, Mr. Fowler and Mr. Kripalani were waiting at the school gate for the students and to welcome them back. Temperatures were taken and the school gates opened once more.

EtonHouse teachers have been busy preparing for the new academic year during the past few weeks. There have been involved in whole-staff workshops, IB programme meetings and, of course, plenty of individual classroom preparation time. There have also been specific improvements to various facilities and equipment during the break.

In order to help our students settle into the new academic year there were separate assemblies for our PYP and MYP/DP classes. Students were also involved in Homeroom, House and Mentor meetings; all during the first day! These were important parts of ensuring that EtonHouse is an international community with a shared outlook and goals.

An additional assembly was held on Day Two for our MYP / DP students. During this time details were given out for the new Service and Action schedule. As a core part of all IB programmes, teachers identify opportunities for student involvement in Service and Action when designing their teaching units. This assembly gave the students, in each year group, a chance to learn about some of these opportunities from all of their teachers, and to begin to design their own Service and Action plans. With the emphasis on student-led choice, it will be up to them to lead the planning and organization and staff will provide support and guidance. This assembly also helped students to realize that learning can cross the boundaries between different subjects, a crucial underlying principle behind all three of our IB programmes.

This page was last edited on August 25, 2020