MYP Personal Project Exhibition


It is no coincidence that the acronym PP, used as shorthand for the MYP Personal Project, also doubles as one for the term “passion project”.

That is very much what the MYP Personal Project is – a tremendous opportunity for Year 11 students to choose and run with a real personal passion, developing it into a clear product or outcome, charting its development through a ‘process journal’ and submitting a report on the entire undertaking, from start to finish, to the IB examiners.

It is the capturing of, and involvement in, that process that generates huge learning opportunities, allied with the fact that each student emerges with a clear ‘product’ at the end – the visible outcome of their months-long endeavours.

The Year 11 students recently shared all of this in a special presentation to proud parents, the rest of MYP and DP, and the Year 6 students, who are at the moment working on their very own culminating Programme challenge, the PYP Exhibition.

Their individual passion was evident in a range of exciting, richly informative, highly individual and at times genuinely moving presentations. Each of them highlighted the four key stages of the Personal Project – Investigating, Planning, Taking Action and Reflecting.

We were treated to insights into the creation of a wonderful range of products, all crafted from scratch by the students:

Inspired by the excellence on show, the watching Year 10 students will have been left in no doubt that the bar has been set very high indeed for their own work next year!

The warmest congratulations to Year 11 for the perseverance, dedication and resilience they showed in bringing their passions to life. Bravo!


This page was last edited on June 22, 2021