Lunar New Year Celebrations


Necessity is the mother of invention. And, so it was that this year our Lunar Year celebrations took on a different form due to restrictions posed by the pandemic. Much as we would have loved to have parents on campus in large numbers to celebrate this annual festival, out of an abundance of caution, we chose to keep celebrations among students and teachers this year.

Our Mandarin, Korean and Japanese departments came together to put up riveting performances by students in their several language groups, from the traditional to the modern but those that were unique to their cultures. To avoid gathering large numbers in our Hall at any given time, a team of seven MYP students from Year 8 to 11, armed with cameras and smartphones – and a drone – spent an entire day shooting performances from multiple angles several times for each performance to gather as much footage as time permitted.

Putting it all together with a welcome message from the Principal, adding narration and subtitles in different languages, and editing a final version for screening to a standard that is truly slick and professional took more than two days of intense creativity and skill. The final product, at a little over 32 minutes, was screened in classrooms for all teachers and students on Friday morning. It was gratifying to receive praise from both students and teachers for each of the individual performances as well as for the quality of the final edited version of the video.

The rest of the morning was devoted to traditional craft and games in various locations, hosted by all three language groups so that each child got to experience something of the culture of others. There was palpable excitement in school that ended with lunch augmented by traditional foods from China, Korea and Japan.

Judging from the smiles that students left school with for the Lunar Year holidays, we can safely claim this as yet another successful celebration of the differences that make us a small school with a big heart!

This page was last edited on February 19, 2021