Given the choice, most expats would want their children to receive an international-style education from one of Suzhou’s three international schools. However, such an education has, up until now been out of reach of many expats, especially those on local contracts who have to pay for schooling themselves.

The EtonHouse Group has recognized the gap in the local market for a more affordable international education, and is introducing its successful, lower-cost international school brand from Singapore, called Middleton International, into Suzhou. This division will be run alongside and complement our premium EtonHouse IB division. Middleton is also a full international programme, taught in English, exclusively for foreign passport holders, but with fees less than HALF of the Suzhou average.

Middleton primary school fees: 87,000rmb per year (Suzhou average 2021/22: 191,900rmb)
Please note that EtonHouse International School Suzhou is currently just offering the Middleton International Division for Year 1 and Year 2 students (5-6 years old). Year 3 will be introduced in September 2022.



Middleton: One fully qualified expat homeroom teacher between two classes
EtonHouse IB programme: fully qualified foreign teachers (excluding Mandarin) for every class.The main Middleton Homeroom teachers will be fully qualified, local teachers with excellent English. They will be supported by one fully qualified foreign teacher for every two classes (0.5 foreign teachers per class).
Middleton: Larger class sizes. Maximum of 28 students in each class
EtonHouse IB programme: maximum class size 18-20 (current average class size: 10).Class sizes will be larger than traditional international schools but they will be capped at 28 children. (Maximum class sizes for primary school in the UK are 30)(

Middleton: Access to specialist teachers & facilities
Middleton students will have access to our specialist Music and PE staff and facilities, though for fewer periods per week. Some extra access (for example for additional swimming classes) would be charged.



Middleton: ITL > IPCEtonHouse IB programme: IB Continuum school. PYP > MYP > DPThe Middleton curriculum is academically rigorous and internationally focused. Along with the high standards of the Singapore Ministry of Education curriculum for Mathematics, it is built around the units of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which dovetails with the Key Stages UK Curriculum for English, Science and Humanities. The IPC is used by over 1,800 international and national schools in more than 90 countries. The IPC provides a comprehensive, inquiry-based curriculum with specific learning goals for each subject, designed to build international-mindedness and fully engage students in their learning. In Year 1, the curriculum is based around EtonHouse’s own Reggio-inspired Inquire – Think – Learn programme.

In later years (some way down the line yet!), the Middleton curriculum focus switches to the International Middle Years Programme, then to Cambridge IGCSE and A-Level.

International education with Asian characteristics
Singapore Maths
Singapore is routinely ranked at or near the top in global comparisons of mathematical ability and boasts one of the most admired education systems in the world. Middleton will be teaching Singapore Maths for Years 1 through 6.Based on the Singapore Ministry of Education’s primary mathematics curriculum, this approach was originally developed to teach students to learn and master fewer mathematical concepts at greater detail, as well as having them learn these concepts using a three-stage learning process: concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Mrs Ng, the Singaporean founder of the EtonHouse Group, has seen at first-hand how effective this teaching method can be, and is keen to see it making a similar impact in China in the Middleton Division.
East meets West well-being course
Interweaving the best of East and West, and focused squarely on student happiness, wellbeing and character development, our wellbeing course blends aspects of moral education with western approaches to social and emotional learning, in addition to philosophy. This innovative course is unique to our Middleton International Division.



Only open to foreign passport holders.
English language programme. The whole curriculum will be taught in English, with only language classes being delivered in Mandarin (once per day). Maths, PE and Music will be taught in English, by subject specialists.
International curriculum. There are no governmental requirements to follow any aspect of the Chinese national curriculum or partake in any of the more ceremonial aspects of that.
School day. Homeroom begins at 8:20 am, with the first class starting at 8:45 am. The school day ends at 3:15 pm, with optional after-school activities on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, ending at 4:10 pm. There will be homework, but at realistic levels that do not place pressure on children’s wellbeing.
The inquiry-based teaching style –mirroring that in the IB Division – places the student at the centre of learning, and is a far cry from rote learning and drilling.



SIP Q&A session
We will be hosting a Q&A session in the SIP one day soon.
We will be running a series of on-site open days to introduce both our IB & Middleton programmes in more detail, starting Saturday 29th May.



This page was last edited on May 24, 2021