Family Fun Run on 10 Nov 2018



Famliy Fun Run is an annual event in support of  charity in EtonHouse International School Suzhou.Every student can get a bracelet by running around the campus.The colorful bracelets not only represented the love from students, it also has profound implications; following the IB Learner Profile, EtonHouse always encourages children to become communicators, open-minded, reflectors, risk takers, inquirers and proving the balance that they have between excellent academics and being a fantastic person to be around. We ran together, shared together, and worked together to make this amzing event happen. Laughter and sweat told us the meaning of charity. Thanks to all our EtonHouse families and teachers, the children from Tang Mama had a thankful and grateful day.微信图片_20181112105932 微信图片_20181112110535 微信图片_20181112110521 微信图片_20181112110544

So far EtonHouse has raised a large amount of money for Tang Mama… but we have benefitted more. Let me explain: our students have met and interacted with those they are helping and through that they have learned that they can change their world through their actions. To be an empowered human-being is the greatest thing we can teach.

James Waldron


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