EtonHouse Suzhou wins Top 100 School in China Award



At the invitation of Tencent and Tencent Education, our principal, James Waldron, attended the International Schools Annual Ceremony 2018 on the topic of “Share Global Wisdom to Create a Future Educational Vision”. Together with hundreds of millions of netizen and educators, the event celebrated the achievements and looked forward to the future of education in China.


The International Schools Annual Ceremony has been successfully held for 12 years so far. Tencent Education selects a group of high-quality international schools and principals who have made outstanding contributions to the education industry nationwide, and awards those who play a leading role in promoting the continuous progress and development of international schools.


We are very happy to announce that EtonHouse International School Suzhou was awarded with the Top 100 International School in China Award from Tencent at their International Schools Annual Ceremony 2018. It is a great accomplishment for all the EtonHouse teachers and staff, past and present.

Principal of EtonHouse International Suzhou, James Waldron, shared his joy that the wonderful community at EtonHouse Suzhou has been recognised, with its successful students taught by capable teachers who develop students’ passion towards life and learning by ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to change their world.

This page was last edited on January 7, 2019