EtonHouse News Agency Enters Trial Operation Stage


After months of preparation, the student-initiated ‘EtonHouse News Agency’ (ENA) has finally begun its trial operation. Differing somewhat from other clubs, and with the help of both the Mandarin and Marketing department, ENA students will learn journalistic skills such as communication, writing, and media creation.

The ENA has been divided into three departments: Editorial, Video, and Planning. Each team member has their own job description and KPI assessment criteria. The President is responsible for setting goals, deciding the Agency’s direction, and ensuring the Agency remains true to its mission statement. After several meetings, the ENA has reached the following consensus regarding the organization’s development:

  •  To publish EtonHouse Times regularly, report on campus life highlights using various media, and uphold the school’s harmonious culture.
  • Give EtonHouse students and teachers the chance to experience journalistic practices.
  • Regularly invite to the school newspaper reporters to explain journalistic practices to the students.
  • To communicate with other student news agencies, facilitating cross-cultural communication.

“To promote EtonHouse and help create a culture of harmony.”

To enhance IB literacy among students by offering rich experiences and practical life skills.

  • Interdisciplinary

    The News Agency combines the Media CCA, Language (English/Mother Tongue), and Marketing, enabling students to develop interdisciplinary learning in many different areas.

  • IB Learner Attributes

    1.Thinker: through interviewing and coming into contact with the Suzhou community, students can understand their locality, care about the world, think about problems with an international perspective, discuss those problems, and continue to challenge themselves, becoming risk-takers in the process.

    2.Inquirer: through reading background materials, writing news articles, listening to speeches and expounding opinions, the club helps develop students’ language and writing levels, dramatically increasing students’ enthusiasm for creative exploration.

  • Communicator: through cooperation with students of different grades, students improve their skills in organization, self-management, research, writing, conflict resolution, and communication. They will continually improve these skills through the process of reflection.
  • Carer: through participation in the EtonHouse News Agency activities, students learn to understand and express themselves, realize their potential, and grow up in harmony with their surroundings.

After the news agency is officially established, it will:

  • Maintain close contact with professional media in Suzhou, gradually extending its influence from schools to districts and then to Suzhou as a whole.
  • Strengthen students’ contact within EtonHouse campuses and local community.
  • Build a community-based campus and more comprehensively project the image of EtonHouse as an IB international school.
  • Learn to use industry-standard software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, along with other tools that will assist in the completion of news reports in the languages  that represent our community.


This page was last edited on March 18, 2021