EtonHouse 25th Anniversary Celebrations


EtonHouse celebrated its 25th silver birthday last Friday, 6th November 2020 with more than 2,000 staff, partners and friends from around the world through a virtual gala event. Since we couldn’t meet in person, the event was moved online where everyone from around the world could join in to witness and share the joy of this special occasion, and to commemorate this milestone together!

What started as a mother’s dream 25 years ago, is now a legacy that has nurtured generations of children. Please watch ‘A Mother’s Dream – The Story of EtonHouse’.

Other than the virtual gala celebration, our schools around the world also took part in offline activities such as “The Silver Tree Project” and sent their birthday wishes to EtonHouse through various formats. All these initiatives not only celebrate our 25 years of glory, but also lay down our hopes and wishes for the next 25 years. Here are some highlights of the day’s event.

Even though we joined in the event virtually from China, our teachers all dressed up after school, and also decorated the campuses for the occasion.

It takes “ten years to grow a tree, a hundred years to shape a person. It takes more than one generation to build character, values and capabilities of a people.” The seed that Mrs Ng Gim Choo planted in her heart 25 years ago has grown into a towering tree through years of hard work and cultivation. The Silver Tree Project is a part of EtonHouse’s 25th Anniversary celebrations. Children, teachers and parents created a self-standing tree made from recycled materials, which they hung their wishes on. The tree reflects the story of EtonHouse from a seed to a tree, continually growing and nurturing families over the years. The tree is a universal symbol of growth and strength and symbolises how our children have grown and blossomed through the years.

These Silver Trees were unveiled during the event and are also showcased in a virtual gallery exhibition to allow visitors from all over the world to enjoy our schools’ unique creations online. Please copy the link and open it in your browser to view.

Of course, there were group photos and lucky draw! Meanwhile, we also launched a WeChat giveaway last Friday, which received nearly 300 well wishes from staff, parents, students, and partners.

“EtonHouse would not have been possible without the support and hard work of many EtonHouse colleagues, both past and present. Education is about giving the very best possible for our children to equip them to live well in the ever-changing world. I am glad I focused on quality and continued to invest in professionally qualified teachers. Look at what you have accomplished at EtonHouse!” said Mrs Ng Gim Choo, Founder of EtonHouse during the event.

Though the virtual EtonHouse 25th Anniversary gala event has come to an end, the story of EtonHouse continues on!

We wish EtonHouse continued success for the next 25 years. Happy Birthday, EtonHouse. May you continue to prosper!

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This page was last edited on November 17, 2020