EarlyYears Student DIY Picture Book: Little Fish, Little Shark


What is the color of the ocean? What other animals live in the ocean besides fish? What are their characteristics? These questions about the ocean were answered by EtonHouse Early Years students by creating a picture book. Different from traditional kindergarten teaching, EtonHouse also draws on Reggio’s educational philosophy within the framework of the IB curriculum, which is to respect the 100 languages of children.

Although children are young, when they share ideas and thoughts with others, they communicate in many different ways (dance, movement, drawing), which mobilizes ” the 100 languages of children” to make them capable, expressive and creative communicators.

Recently, Ms. Potter’s class was exploring the theme of “how the world works”. During this period, the children first got to know the various fishes in the ocean and tried to draw their favorite marine creatures with various materials. Then they created together based on a picture two of the children had made, and orally told a story about fish together.

At the same time, the children learned more about the ocean and marine life from Ms. Potter. Under the guidance of the teacher, the children expand their thinking about the ocean and support their ability for self-expression and creation by listening, observing, and communicating with teachers and peers.

We may see the appearance of the ocean and fish from web-searched pictures, but it is also in the children’s fantastic world of imagination. This leaf with eyes is a fish, for example, and the ocean can just as easily be many shades of pink, not just blue. Ms. Potter ensures that there are sufficient materials in the learning environment, so that children can think about the characteristics of various materials, and choose to use them to express their ideas.

From just a picture of a small fish to having a range of varied characters, from just a sentence to a complete story – a lovely picture book was made!


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This page was last edited on September 7, 2020