21st century learners at EtonHouse International School


What does a 21st century learner look like?

After conducting research with this question in mind, the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) has recently published The Enhanced PYP to include relevant standards and practices, which views 21st century learners through three lenses:

❖The Learner

❖The Learning Community

❖Learning and Teaching

In this post we focus on The Learner.

Knowledge is no longer the only key to success. Looking through the lens of The Learner, we find that the focus shifts to mastering skills, developing attributes of international-mindedness, and creating space and opportunities for learner agency.



When it comes to agency, ‘students have voice, choice and ownership for their own learning. When students have agency, the relationship between the teacher and the student becomes a partnership’. (‘Primary Years Programme, The Learner’. October 2018)

The house system and house leaders in the PYP offer our students opportunities to exercise this agency and practice leadership skills. Student leaders are tasked with planning buddy programmes, design their house rooms, supporting their house peers in various house activities, and being inspirational role models for all.


In the classroom, our young students have begun to talk about what agency looks like; a student takes initiative to lead the class in a game; a student publishes his own story  book which soon has the entire class inspired to do the same.


Activities and reflections designed around attributes of The Learner Profile enables our students to “walk the talk.” The Learner Profile, a set of 10 attributes; Knowledgeable, Open Minded, Thinker, Inquirer, Communicator, Risk Taker, Balanced, Principled and Caring, all of which are easily accessible and applicable across ages, cultures and ability levels. QQ截图20190228084706QQ截图20190228084715

Approaches to teaching and learning foster skills in our learners. These include research skills, communication skills, social skills and self-management skills.



The Enhanced PYP celebrates The Learner as the individual  who can transition seamlessly and respectfully between cultures and changes.

Here in EtonHouse, we celebrate both the baby steps as well as the big leaps in our learning journeys. After all, “From little acorns do mighty oaks grow.”


This page was last edited on August 26, 2020