10 Great Reasons To Choose EtonHouse


The capacity of our purpose-built campus is less than 300 students. With one class per age group. This means that the school feels like one big happy family where everyone knows everybody else. Our principal Murray Fowler prides himself on knowing the names of each and every student, many of whom he (and the rest of the teaching staff) might interact with on a daily basis.

As part of our constant drive to improve the EtonHouse experience for our students we have been working hard to bring down our maximum class size. Researchers generally agree a class size of no larger than 18 students is optimal. We are delighted to announce that, from September 2021 we are going to cap our class sizes at 20, working toward a maximum of 18 as soon as we can. This will allow every one of our students to receive the dedicated care and attention that they deserve.

Current average class size 10: students per class.

Student to teacher ratio: 6 to 1.

EtonHouse creates more opportunities for participation per student than larger schools. Interested in drama? Then there is a role in the school play for you. Fancy team sports? There’s almost certainly a spot to play on the school team. At EtonHouse, everyone is a winner.

This ties in with the previous point. At EtonHouse it is difficult to just coast along. The sports teams (football, basketball, volley ball, lacrosse and more), school plays, media team, student council, debating team, etc are always looking for new members. Students that display any talent at all in these areas are strongly encouraged by staff and other team members to join. At a larger school, being a little lazy may mean that a student may never discover how good they could be.

At EtonHouse, no child slips through the cracks. Their social, emotional and medical needs are known by all relevant staff, and the quirky little characteristics that make them individuals are appreciated. The size of the school and closeness of the community helps protect students against mental health issues and bullying. If any student is having problems, then it can be highlighted straight away and dealt with.

Some parents might prefer to send their children to a larger school with several classes in each year group, as they think that way their child will have more opportunities to make friends, but at EtonHouse, students mix with children from across year groups and learn to relate to people of all ages. They can make friends based on interests and maturity rather than being limited to those who are chronologically their peers.

EtonHouse has a newly refurbished, 25m, 4 lane, indoor swimming pool (scheduled to re-open this summer) and state of the art all weather sports field. With only have one class per age group that means that students potentially have much more access to these facilities than they would at other schools. We view sports and exercise as a key component of our students’ wellbeing.

EtonHouse parents love the high level of partnership that they experience. There is a real sense of community and ownership. Parent help is encouraged and welcomed. Our hard working SCL (School Community Liaisons) are the first point of contact for parents’ needs, but our teachers’, coordinators’ and principal’s doors are always open to help deal with parents’ concerns. We firmly believe that parental involvement is a critical factor in student success.

International school education tends to be very expensive due to the costs of employing a team of highly qualified expatriate teachers and running the facilities expected of an international school with small class sizes. But thanks to our location away from the SIP, we are able to charge up to 20% less than other international schools in the area.

EtonHouse is located among the hills and green open space of Suzhou Science and Technology Town, just a few kilometres from Taihu lake. This beautiful setting feeds through into the mood of our students, teachers and parents on a daily basis. Close proximity to nature is great for regular field trips. The location of the school offers parents the option of moving away from the hustle and bustle of SIP for more relaxed living with more open space, cleaner air, and still plenty of local amenities. Ask the Principal, because he lives just five minutes from the school! You can still be at Xing Hai square in half an hour (depending on traffic). And for anyone looking to buy property, house prices can be on average 50% of what they would be in the SIP.


This page was last edited on May 12, 2021