The Aerobics House Competition


The Dance and Aerobics House Competition, held in the first week of December is now an annual feature in the PYP, a much looked forward to event and for good reason. This first formal house competition, led by House Captains, throws a spotlight on team spirit, creativity, coordination, enthusiasm and respect.

The event started off with a dance performance from the MYP Dance Club. This club clearly takes their dance seriously as their choreography and moves were coordinated to perfection. We are grateful for them being such risktakers and inspiring role models to our younger students.

The lineup began with Song House dancing to ‘Backseat Driver’. Their light sabers, a novel accessory and their loud house chant made them a force to reckon with. On reflection, Song House mentions they were proud of their costume idea, cooperation, team work, dancing and just being a ‘Song House’ member.

Ming House came in next and danced to ‘Believer’ with a lot of passion. They pride themselves on doing their best, throwing their caps up in the air at the same time, helping each other and remembering all their dance steps.


Han House was nowhere in sight when they were called on, and some of us were made to wonder if they decided to step out of the competition. Surely enough, Han surprised the audience with their unique entry and formation as they danced to ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry. Han House members are proud of their communication, cooperation and acting that was all part of their performance.

Tang House danced to ‘Ready Set Go’ and were ready to take on the challenge from the get go. Their performance was fast paced and full of excitement. On reflection, they felt they did a good job with jumping, doing the exact moves and dancing even if their hats fell off.

Before the winners were announced, the audience were invited to step onto the dance floor and sweat it out. I am always amazed by the willingness and participation of our community. Get ready families, for next year we will also host the Inter-house Family Dance Competition.

The event ended with calling on the winners, and handing out certificates of achievement. The students returned to their houserooms happy and proud of the day’s work. As part of their continuous push to improve, they took a moment to reflect on their dances and share feedback on house leadership.

Wellbeing and mindfulness is a much talked about word and relatable to even our youngest learners. Dance, exercise, the sense of community, and connection is a push towards creating a sense of wellbeing. Thank you to our teachers who helped organize this event and to all the families who attended.

I know some houses have started to think up ideas for the next competition.

See you on the dance floor next year!


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This page was last edited on December 14, 2020