Open Classes – Showcasing Excellence


We have long wanted to bring parents in to see the school in action, and to experience the kind of education that students receive here at EtonHouse. Although the COVID situation put an early lid on those plans, the resulting online learning period did highlight to parents the nature of some of the work their children were undertaking, and we set up the Open Classes to allow them to see what that looked like in the classroom, not just at home.

Across four days we opened up the classrooms for the whole morning, spreading the different year groups on different days so that we could accommodate everyone without having excessive numbers on campus at once. The opportunity proved especially popular among our PYP parents.

Inevitably, of course, the classroom dynamics do change somewhat with mum or dad in the room; whilst we may not have been teaching any quantum physics at the time, the adage from science holds true – observing an experiment can indeed change the outcome! As if to confirm this, several of our teachers asked afterwards whether we could do Open Classes more, because the students were so quiet!

As a follow up to the Open Classes, feedback surveys have already been sent out. Looking further ahead we plan to hold a hands-on parent workshop on the nature of the IB in December, as we continue to engage our community in understanding the unique characteristics of an IB, and an EtonHouse education.

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This page was last edited on November 23, 2020