MYP/DP Team Building Day


Close to the beginning of each academic year, we hold this event to challenge the students in a variety of ways beyond the normal setting of their classrooms.

Based partly around the House system, this event helps to rebuild a sense of House spirit and teamwork after the long summer break. It also helps students new to the school, and those who have come up from PYP, to get to know students in other years and Houses.

The day provided a mixture of physical and mental challenges, required careful and coordinated teamwork, and pushed students out of their comfort zones. Each activity earned House points, with the final tally revealed in an Assembly a few days later.

The Challenges



The first session of the day was a series of unusual competitive games in the gym, with entire Houses competing against each other to either beat the clock, or to achieve the most in a given time.


In “Don’t Drop the Ball”, the teams had to use a relay line of three people to throw 25 soccer balls up to the balcony, where the rest of the team was waiting to run them back and pass them to the final team member, all without dropping the balls. Ming set an impressive first round time of 9 minutes, but this as smashed by Tang, who managed it in half the time.


Next was “Ring Zone”, with 5 minutes per House to score as many points as possible by landing large plastic hoops in a target zone, with every member of the House lining up to take their own turn. Ming had their revenge here with the highest points tally.


Finally we had a few minutes for one round of “Clash of the Coneheads”, where blindfolded players wearing large cones on their head had to pick up as many marker cones as possible under verbal guidance from a team mate. Han won this game, with Song and Ming a close joint second. Overall, the morning session was won by Ming.


For this session students were split into smaller, mixed age and mixed House teams, so that they had to work with people they perhaps would not normally work with. The aim was, by scanning QR codes, to find the answers to almost 100 questions, mostly available on the walls around the school, or in custom-made question folders hidden around the campus. The teams had to decide whether to spilt into smaller groups, or remain as one, to complete this within a 90 minute timeframe. With final results tallied, Tang JUST managed to beat Song to win this session, leaving them in the overall lead going into the lunch break, and Song, despite their second place finish, left in fourth place.


The day’s final session saw the teams huddled in their House rooms tackling three challenges. They had to decide how to split the labour within the House team to have the best chance of all-round success. The resultant efforts upended the leaderboard and produced a remarkable turnaround in fortunes for some Houses!

For the “What’s in a Name” challenge, the students had to combine all the individual letters of their first names to make the longest possible proper English sentence. Song prospered on this one, with some really creative thinking and genuine teamwork producing the winning entry, a memorable and funny sentence, using every single one of their letters.

In the “Famous Five” activity, Houses were given the letters of five of the IB’s Learner Profile attributes (such as Thinker, Risk taker, Caring), and told only that they had to make five words, using all the letters, with the beginning letter revealed for each word. Points were awarded for the fastest finishers, with Song again leading the way. Ming struggled for a while, having only the word “Trump” to show for their efforts after some time!

Finally, the “Near & Far” activity challenged each House to give an interpretive performance of the School Song on stage in the Hall to round the day off. All members of each House had to perform, with a rule requiring that some must sing, some must dance, and some must act / mime. This was probably the first time in EtonHouse history that the School Song had been performed four times consecutively on the stage, and the Houses approached it with varying degrees of enthusiasm! The best all-round attempt to perform and entertain was Han’s, with Song House a close second.

That second place was enough for Song to win the whole afternoon session, and, in a stunning turnaround from their pre-lunch last place, it also allowed them to emerge as the winners of the whole day, with their 1184 points beating Han by just six points!

An exciting start then to the 2020-21 House Points contest, and, with some great feedback from the students in their House Meetings afterwards, some great ideas for the next time we do this!

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This page was last edited on September 10, 2020