MYP and DP WOW Teambuilding event


Longest Chain

On October 9, MYP and DP hosted a WOW Teambuilding event for the whole day. During this day, every student participated 5 different teambuilding activities in their houses. This was a great opportunity to raise the importance of communication and collaboration in house and every house was able to earn points based on their performance.


For this activity, students made a line blindfolded, except the last student at the back. They had to move around the place to pick up items with non-verbal commands. This was very meaningful activity that emphasized the value of teamwork as every became dependent on others to pick up the items.

Mine Field

Each student had to cross the sectioned squares in different colors following a certain sequence. Not only this activity stimulated students’ memorization skill but also students learned to cheer and coach another to overcome the challenge.

Learning Korea

Celebrating Korean Alphabet Day, students learned how to write and recognize Korean words with help from Korean students in each house. This activity broadened students’ appreciation for Korean language and fostered international mindedness for other culture.

Marshmallow Challenge and Cup Stacking 

Students are only given certain spaghetti noodles and tapes to build a structure to place the marshmallow. The highest standing marshmallow wins the challenge.Students need to work together using strings to place cups to make a pyramid. House captain can provide instruction and other students need to carry out the action.Through these challenges, students in each house learned to improve their communication skills and sharing ideas to accomplish the common goal.

This page was last edited on September 11, 2020