Family, Fun and Fitness


It has been fantastic to continue to open the campus up to the community again, and our recent Family Fun Fitness Day was a great example of the benefits of being able to do this.

As well as moving a couple of weeks earlier this year, we also took the chance to slightly reinvent the old “Family Fun Run”. Instead of having a single -focus, this became a more varied fitness-based event, with more of an emphasis on fun too! Though we did have to run it in two sessions due to ongoing COVID restrictions, we nonetheless managed to live up to both aspects of the day – having fun and getting fit!

Both sessions opened up with a big group dance session in the Hall, led by Ms. Urska and her whole family, to get the heart racing and the blood pumping. Mr. Ithamar then kept everyone on their feet for a second go, the challenge this time to mimic the moves being shown on the big screen. All in all, this made for a brilliantly energetic and fun start to the day, and it was great to see so many parents joining in too!



Next up for PYP and EY families was a Halloween Treasure Hunt around a series of stations, each of which had a fitness-themed activity to complete. Those who successfully completed the challenges at all nine stations were awarded a special certificate for the day, and the Vice Principal was kept VERY busy signing these as student after student showed us what they were made of. There was even time for an impromptu game of football between parents / teachers and students.

For the MYP/DP session, the students voted to challenge the teachers to not just one, but TWO games – football and volleyball. Despite the appearance of there being just two players on the staff football team – Mr. Ithamar and Mr. Yosuke – some others were rumoured to have touched the ball occasionally! Proving that you can’t separate Brazilians from footballs, Mr. Ithamar wanted to keep extending into yet more extra time, but we had to head inside to the gym for the volleyball challenge.

This saw a number of rookie players on the staff team taking their first ever steps onto a volleyball court, alongside some real experts. It’s certainly not as easy as the students have made it look at their recent Wuxi tournaments! In all the excitement, the staff team let a six-point lead with one point to play slip away in the final game, but it was great to hear the gym full of cheers and good spirits, and it was an ideal way to round off this reinvented community day.

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This page was last edited on November 17, 2020