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Message from the Principal 

                                                                           —-Murray Fowler

It was shades of February 2020 all over again immediately after the Chinese New Year holiday this year, as COVID once again meant that we had to revert temporarily to online learning. The entire EtonHouse learning community has responded brilliantly to this. 

Having been free of the COVID spotlight for so long, despite being previously encircled by cities with cases, Suzhou finally had its own small outbreak to deal with. And it did so magnificently, implementing repeated cycles of testing on a huge scale, closing activity down, and ensuring that the spread of the virus was limited.

Once again, we have been reminded of how lucky we are to have been riding out the COVID storm here in China. 

Of course, since the last time we were online, when school closures and remote learning were exceptional, China-only responses, the whole world has been through the same thing, often for very, very long periods. We can count ourselves as very fortunate to have spent so much of the last two years face-to-face, on campus. 

Armed with the lessons learned from our last spell of remote learning in 2020, and with even better platforms in place to facilitate it, the transition to online education has gone very smoothly.Teachers, students and parents (and grandparents!) all deserve high praise for their adaptability, patience, hard work and dedication at this time.  

In a school that stretches across age groups, with students from 2 to 18 years old, the exact nature and demands of online learning have clearly varied from one age group to another, and we have worked hard to ensure that learning needs are appropriately met across programmes. At the same time, we have tried to strike a balance between simply following schedules, and making sure that screen time isn’t too excessive. 

In addition, as well as ensuring that learning itself has been ongoing, we have also acknowledged the social and emotional disruption that can come along with not being able to be in school with friends. There have been fun online assemblies for PYP and MYP, quite a different experience on-screen, but a great way to allow everyone to connect outside the context of classes.

Much as we would rather be face-to-face, we’d like to share the positive vibes of the EtonHouse online learning experience with you here, in photos and videos from across the school. Please enjoy! 

Thanks to our amazing community for pulling together at this challenging time, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back to school! 




This page was last edited on March 7, 2022