Celebration of Learning


On Tuesday 15th June, the EtonHouse community gathered to mark the passage of some extraordinary numbers.

Since August 17th 2020 – the start of the academic year, each year group has had over 1000 classes. That’s over 50,000 minutes per class. Collectively, for Years 2 to 13, that adds up to well over half a million minutes of teaching and learning.

And that’s not even counting the homework!

The aim of our Celebration of Learning day?

To somehow capture the essence of at least some of those half million minutes, and share them with the community, in as creative and varied a way as possible. The one golden rule? Avoid “death by Powerpoint”!

We had never really tried anything like this before, at least not as a more or less whole-school endeavor. Individual classes, yes. As a standalone, one-hour assembly, yes. But never all of PYP, MYP and DP at once, and never for a whole day.

In such ambition and risk-taking lay the prospect of mis-steps and things that didn’t go quite as planned – but that is part of learning, and we gained as many insights from what went wrong as from what went perfectly to plan. Such reflection is embedded deep in the heart of IB learning, and indeed, the day was all about reflection.

Not every one of those half million minutes was captured on the day – that would have been impossible -but what was on display offered an exciting glimpse into the learning that goes on here at EtonHouse.

Our Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Mr Rajesh Kripalani, masterminded and oversaw the Celebration of Learning programme, and worked hard with the Programme Coordinators, Homeroom and specialist teachers to knit together an event that spanned countless themes, concepts and units, and eleven year groups.

The greatest credit though should go to the students themselves – our LEARNERS. This was THEIR journey being chronicled and celebrated – their hard work, their enthusiasm, and the way they help to make EtonHouse such a vibrant and genuinely enjoyable place to be.

It was wonderful to see parents from across the year groups come to celebrate with us, and a fitting way to build up to the Graduation Ceremony which provided the final bookend to the year just two days later.


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