CCAs Are Back!


We are very excited that the return to some semblance of normality continues here at EtonHouse, with the re-launch of our after school CCA Programme.

With 16 different activities offered over three days to Years 1 through to 11, the vast majority of our students are doing at least one activity, with some twenty students busy on all three afternoons. This CCA ‘season’ will run through until February 2021.

Our CCA Programme combines creative activities (Loom Knitting, Art Club, Chinese Calligraphy, Creative Artwork) with literacy and numeracy-based ones (Reading Club, Chinese History through Storytelling, Cambridge Mathematics), and also provides opportunities to burn off physical as well as intellectual energy through Dance Club, MYP Sports, Pilates, and PYP Soccer.

The Chess and Board Games activities offer the chance to develop strategic thinking while having fun, while Yoga & Mindfulness brings a chance to find some inner peace at the end of the busy school day. Finally, our new Media / Studio CCA sees students using technology to help create a whole range of school-related materials, in collaboration with our Marketing team, from drone videos to school virtual tours, from global news video bulletins to the School Yearbook, and much more.

We are very heartened to see the enthusiasm and energy of all the staff and students involved in this new CCA Programme, and hope to expand it yet further in Semester 2 with activities offered by external vendors, and perhaps even with some activities run by parents!

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This page was last edited on October 19, 2020