Principal’s Welcome



Welcome to EtonHouse International School Suzhou!

In an uncertain world of bewildering choices, the choice of school for your child has never been more significant. Every day we make countless small choices without even thinking. But our bigger choices – they require deeper thought, a weighing and measuring of the things we think make a difference.

All our phones do the same thing, as do all our cars, our apartments, our laptops. Yet we all make choices, based on the ‘edge’ that one choice has over the other. Some choices are simply better.

And so it is with schools. Yes, in one sense all schools do the same thing – they educate your child. But all schools are NOT the same. There is a fundamental question to be asked here – a crucial choice to be made. What kind of education do you want for your child? Indeed, what is education actually for?

I believe passionately that the education we provide here at EtonHouse International School Suzhou is genuinely transformative for your child. I believe that we have a real edge, in a whole host of ways, that sets us apart. I believe that we make a difference.

Much of this edge comes from the importance of family to the spirit and reality of EtonHouse. We are a flagship school in a family-run group, now established for over 25 years. As an IB Continuum World School, offering all three IB Programmes, we are part of a global family of schools who put the learner at the centre, and whose aims and ambitions extend well beyond the classroom.

We are extremely open, welcoming and collaborative, a spirit embodied in our families, in our students, and in our outstanding teachers, all of whom together are the lifeblood of our vibrant and very special school community. We are a small school with a big heart, where everyone matters.

This website will give you a glimpse of that spirit, but make it tangible and visit us, so you can see for yourself why EtonHouse is the choice that makes all the difference.

We look forward to seeing you here soon.


Murray Fowler



This page was last edited on February 28, 2022